Weecommerce: Bridging the Digital Gap for Women-Led Businesses!

Providing free websites to the women entrepreneurs in the community.

Building a legacy of trust


    What we aim to achieve with Weecommerce

    Digital Transformation

    We enable women-led businesses to thrive in the digital landscape.

    Inclusive Support

    We ensure that women from diverse back-grounds and skill levels can easily access and benefit from our services.

    Economic Empowerment

    By supporting women entrepreneurs, we contribute to economic empowerment and financial independence.

    How it works

    So, how to get free website?

    How it works

    So, how to get free website?

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    Looking to empower women-led Canadian businesses with our own website platform #tossdown in 2024!

    Omair Bangash

    Co-founder/Product Head tossdown


    The answer to your questions

    Weecommerce supports business women by providing free websites and dedicated support for 1 year after the website goes live. We offer scalable solutions that grow with their business needs, providing access to valuable resources and tools. Our platform lowers barriers to entry, making it easier for women to start and manage their online stores efficiently.

    Businesses that have some social presence qualify for our program. We do not accept businesses that are just in the idea stage. Businesses with an established presence can benefit the most from our support.
    Customization is limited to default themes and templates, but the available changes are sufficient to give your website a unique look.
    With your permission, we will close your e-store, and the domain will remain your property.

    Women-led businesses and women entrepreneurs are eligible for our program.

    There are no hidden fees. The website and the first year of support and maintenance are free. From the second year, we charge a monthly fee of CAD 40.
    No, there is no limit to the number of products you can sell.
    Once we receive and approve all content and data, it takes 7-15 working days to set up the website.